True to the name of the Economic Cooperation Forum, the role of enterprises and entrepreneurs is always in the topic discussed at APEC Summits.

In 1996, the APEC Business Summit (CEO Summit) was organized and quickly became the leading and most influential annual forum in the Asia-Pacific business community.

The conference was organized by the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) on the occasion of APEC High-level Week – just before the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting, a typical event for the bond between government and the business community. in APEC.

President Tran Dai Quang spoke at the closing session of the 2016 APEC Business Summit in Peru 

Annual APEC Business Summits are often attended by about 1,500 delegates. Among these are many leaders of APEC economies; leading hundreds of corporations in the “Global 500” list is the world’s largest enterprise published by Fortune magazine; and led major international institutions, influential figures as well as journalists from major news agencies around the world as speakers and presenter.

The conference usually lasts about 3 working days, including plenary sessions and thematic discussions.

Here, corporate leaders will talk to APEC Economic Leaders, APEC ministers, and senior officials on topical issues and strategies related to the economic situation, trade, investment and business in the region.

According to the official website of the 2017 APEC Business Summit, US President Donald Trump, leading the world’s leading economy, will attend a session of the conference next to the APEC Summit when coming to Da Nang.

US President Donald Trump will talk to APEC businesses when they come to Da Nang 

40,000 ATBC cards for Vietnam

The APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) program was launched in 1997 to help APEC entrepreneurs travel more quickly and conveniently between 19 member economies. The remaining two economies are the US and Canada are studying the possibility of future participation.

More than 200,000 ABTCs have been issued to APEC entrepreneurs.

Vietnam joined this program in September 2005. Up to now, nearly 40,000 ABTCs have been issued to Vietnamese entrepreneurs.

Sample of ABTC card of Vietnam 

Individuals with ABTCs are exempt from entry and exit visas, faster procedures at airports when entering 19 economies participating in the program, thereby saving time and travel expenses in the region.

This card is issued by the competent authorities of APEC economies and is valid for 5 years from the date of issue and cannot be extended. When the ABTC card expires, if there is still a need to travel within the APEC block, the businessman can go through the procedure to apply for a new card.

Doors make separate entry procedures for ABTC card holders. Countries always recommend that people with ABTCs use the right purpose as a business

Who can make Vietnam’s ABTC card?

Immigration Department, Ministry of Public Security, is the agency to lead the issuance of ABTC.

Subjects to be considered for ABTC issuance include: (i) Vietnamese entrepreneurs working at state-owned enterprises; (ii) Vietnamese entrepreneurs working at enterprises established under the Enterprise Law, Cooperative Law and Investment Law in Vietnam; (iii) A number of other cases such as leaders of economic sectors, civil servants and public servants are responsible for attending meetings, conferences, seminars and other economic activities of APEC, Head and Deputy Vietnam trade representative agency in member economies participating in ABTC program ..

For detailed information on issuing ABTC, readers can refer to the official website of the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam.

Don’t be afraid to be small, super small businesses

Micro, small and medium enterprises account for 97% of APEC businesses, contributing 60% of GDP and creating 50% of jobs in member economies. Therefore, supporting businesses is one of APEC’s three main pillars of cooperation.

APEC is not only a playground of big businesses like Facebook but also opens up opportunities for development and support for small and super small businesses.

Vietnamese businesses can fully take advantage of the following programs to promote business investment activities in the region.

– The Boracay Action Program supports micro, small and medium-sized businesses entering the global market 2015 – 2020 (BAA-MSME): Approved at the 2015 APEC Summit in the Philippines, the program identified Clearly identify areas where members need to facilitate businesses to access trade agreements, simplify and reduce rules of origin, streamline customs regulations, and participate in supply chains. , loan procedures, information technology, and e-commerce supporting women-owned businesses …

– APEC Entrepreneurship Cards Program as mentioned above.

– Some business training programs in specific areas, such as safety regulations on temperature sensitive exports (from agricultural products to pharmaceuticals and flowers), the introduction of service technologies New logistics to monitor and ensure the integrity of goods, supply chain financial security …